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When your grandmother is a shaman and your grandfather is a smith! 

I have written before that I owe my gift of seeing and healing the people to my grandmother. However, few people know how this came to me, whether I wanted to take such responsibility. Because the boy who wanted to kick a football with boys outdoors did not want to grow up. However, the grandmother had another opinion; she said straight away that I had to accept the choice of Heaven and to be beneficial to our society. Until today, this have been very personal, intimate but since you trust and believe me, I will tell you my story.  

My grandmother was strange and all grandkids were little afraid of her penetrating glance and I, in my turn, had a boyish curiosity. 

Once the grandmother came to us for the holidays. In the morning, there was a smell of fried flat cakes and the grandmother kept repeating some prayers. I asked her for what reason and for whom the prayers were, and the grandmother answered: “You will get to know about it at night, go to bed early.”

At night, my body was paralyzed and I could not control my actions. 

It seemed like I had left my body and with a cry of scare I heard my grandmother: “Grandbaby, I will learn you to enter in the dreams of others, to see upper and lower world, and from now my gift will be yours. You will be able to heal the children”, the granny whispered to me in darkness.

When I woke up I did not want to take the gifts of Heaven and Power of Tengri, I wanted to be an ordinary boy, I wanted to flee from home. 

In the morning at the kitchen, there was again the smell of fresh flat cakes and at breakfast the grandmother began to speak about paranormal things, the other world and how to heal the children, find lost people, and how to see who the killers had been. 

The following three nights were equally hard, I saw the thoughts and actions of people who lived as if the whole world belonged to them and they would not have to pay for their sins. I saw upper and lower world and understood little, as if raving in sleep, but there was no sense in resistance. 

“The Heaven’s doors will open to me by the way of spiritual practice and healing of kids and people through the subconscious mind,” the grandmother told me, “You will thank me later as you are the chosen one.”

Шаман. Целитель. Кузнец.


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