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The blacksmith is a symbolic figure and revered in all traditional cultures familiar with metalworking. In the myths of different nations, the art of working with iron has always had a divine origin. The hero, endowed with a divine gift, the blacksmith god armed with a hammer, is the Greek Hephaestus, and the Roman Vulcan, and the Scandinavian Thor, and the Hindu Vishvakarman, and Svarog. Some Christian saints (for example, St. Eligii) are also patrons of jewelers and blacksmiths. In the Türkic tradition, blacksmiths were attributed with many different advantages: the ability to heal, admire, and drive away the evil spirits. In myths, it was the blacksmith who often acted as a cultural hero. Friends we have an exit smithy! Master classes on forging horseshoes for good luck, swords, knives and much more ...........

Blacksmith rites with a tambourine

Blacksmith shamans have their own set of ongons in the form of blacksmith tools. Among the shaman clergy the blacksmith-shaman occupies the supreme position, since he owns the double legacy of magical powers. Blacksmith shamans should perform a rite of offering to their deities and ancestors to blacksmiths on certain days - the 9th, 19th day of the lunar calendar. Here you need to work-knock with a hammer hammer, i.e. forging tools ongonami. Thus, ancestor worship is conducted. Blacksmiths shamans have the magical gifts of healing ailments. They patch and rework not only for metal, silver and gold, but also “patch” human souls and health (in the astral) with magic, divine power.

Shaman Arrows

Stretched long bow with its shape resembles a crescent - the edge of the moon disc. And then immediately remember Antiquity. Silver bow - a constant companion of the moon Goddess Artemis - Diana. Continuing the chain of symbolic correspondences, let us remember that the Moon is a night star, since ancient times it has been a patron of everything secret and hidden from human eyes. The shamans of the Türks associate the bow with the magic weapon of the spirit world and is depicted on ritual tambourines. His metallic image can also be found in pendants of ceremonial attire. In rituals, bow is used to achieve its goal or to defeat the enemy.

Ethnic Festivals

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